Mousebreaker’s Football Tycoon 3: What We Would Like to See

Looking forward to a sequel-filled future by discussing possible features and improvements

Future Bound

The Football Tycoon series allows you to focus on the simulation of the behind-the-scenes dealings of a football club, allowing you to take the honest path or involve yourself in some shadier activities such as bribery and general corruption. Whether you take the dark side or not, this behind-the-curtains focus made the game an extremely popular choice for football fans to play and its greatness most definitely deserves a sequel. Here are a few features that would taste great drizzled over the football management pie of Football Tycoon 3.

More Characters

Football Tycoon 2 gives us some pretty shady looking characters to assume control of, and for this, I – and I’m sure many other fans of the game – do commend it. Football Tycoon 3 is begging for a wider selection of these characters, however, and yet more interesting back stories that explain away the motivations, traits, weaknesses, and general sleaziness of these characters that you must proceed through the game in control of. I think around eight tycoons should satisfy this character craving I seem to have going on at the moment, and should allow for a little more variation in the game.

Pathetic Aesthetic

Ok, so FT2 didn’t actuallylook that bad, but you can’t play game after game without some sort of refining of its visuals, or should I say you can’t develop a game to have pretty much the same look as the previous one without appearing to be lazy. The game was by no means ugly, but it is far from the distinctive style of Jumpers for Goalposts 4, and the  look characters, menus and game in general is a little too ‘amateur flash’ for my liking. How about it, Dynamo Games; can you make this game look smooth and professional instead of raw, dated, and too much like any other flash game made by an amateur?

Optional Match Time

As a game that is focused more on the ins and outs of the fiscal management of the club and not necessarily the team per se , FT2 allows you to get involved in the borrowing of money, the bribing of officials, the juggling of yours and the club’s finances, and generally all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that most other football games don’t even give a second thought to. What if the next game has some more focus on match play, however? Would the fan’s reactions be annoyance at the developers trying to make the game into something it’s not? Perhaps fans would like to hold on to the game’s strength, which is holding the club in your hand as opposed to simply concentrating on playing matches and intricate football skills etc. Perhaps such detail should be left to New Star Soccer? Well I think that there is room for some actual on-pitch time, even if it’s just some basic skills simulation and snippets of matches as in Jumpers for Goalposts. 

Real-Life Matters

Now I’m not hugely informed about the goings on of the football world, which should be quite obvious from the fact that I called it the £football world”, but I know that when a game makes references to real-life occurrences or incidents in the context of the game’s subject matter, then everyone seems to lose their minds with excitement. Take Jumpers for Goalposts 90s, for example, which will feature the ups and downs of the league and clubs within it as they occurred in real life. Now, maybe I’m missing the references due to ignorance of all of the football goings on, but Football Tycoon 3 would be so much more exciting if you could assume control of a club and manager that related to real-life happenings, particularly the collapse or rise to fame/success of a real-life club. 

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