Jumpers for Goalposts 90s

The 90’s version of Jumpers for Goalposts will be coming soon and it’s obvious Mousebreaker is aiming to appeal to the nostalgia of the 90’s decade of Premiership football – considered by many to be a golden period for the English game in terms of the talent that existed and the foreign influence on the game from some of the players that came from abroad to play in the league.

Flash to the Past

Speculating about a game is one thing, but when you actually have solid information on a game, it is difficult not to become excited about it. Mousebreaker have already stated that they are working on two sequels to the most recent title in the much-loved series, Jumpers for Goalposts 4 simultaneously, with development on the much-anticipated Jumpers for Goalposts 5 running in parallel to the more imminent Jumpers for Goalposts 90, which is going to take us on a journey back in time to a decade that we were all attempting to forget, with all of the clothing, style, and more importantly, the football teams of that era. There is just something about a game going back to the past that fascinates us, and portraying historical football events by allowing us to relive the ascendance and decline of various football clubs and their players at the time is too much of an opportunity for football fans to turn their season tickets up at. This article is basically about what we know so far about what to expect from the game.

Retro Feel

Ok, this one’s rather obvious, but it’s a pretty important one since the aesthetic of the game is an extremely important aspect that adds authenticity and style to the experience. Just one glance at the screenshots allows you to see that the game is going to look and feel like football coverage did in the 90s. Though the layout of the home screen is pretty similar to the previous games, the colour scheme uses primarily blue and red that results in a sort of old-school aesthetic about the whole thing.  The screenshots also show us a ‘transfers’ bulletin in the style of the long-forgotten text-based information retrieval service called Teletext  (points for anyone that remembers the original quiz game named Bamboozle on there), giving it a truly retro feel, particularly for anyone that owned a CRT TV at the time.

Historical Accuracy

The developers of the game have also talked about portraying the rise and the fall of many clubs from the decade of the 80’s nostalgia in a way not seen since Roy of the Rovers http://www.therealianrimmer.com/real-roy-of-the-rovers-stuff/Default.htm had a real go. By having them improve and decline in the game much as they did in real life. This would likely have implications for the development of your career, and some knowledge of football history may come in handy since choosing to join clubs such as Liverpool, who didn’t do remarkably well in the 90s, may have a detrimental effect on your career or limit the heights to which you can soar. This element of realism and the rise and fall of the clubs within the game adds an entirely new strategic element to it, and is pretty unique as far as flash games go.

Old Players, Old Faces

You can fully expect to see true-to-history transfers of players, with names like Henry, Schmeichel, Hughes, Hasselbank, and many more players from the time being swapped and transferred around in a way that is accurate to events that actually happened. One of the screenshots also shows ‘Ulreeka Johnson’ to be one of the possible girlfriends attained in the game; we can only infer from this that there will be other famous characters and women from the football world making an appearance in the game, albeit with slightly dodgy names that have been altered probably for copyright purposes. 

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