Heroic Sports Football Game Review

Heroic Sports Football is just simply great light hearted fun; you have complete ownership over your team both on and off the pitch. Whilst away from ‘the action’ you are left creating a team name, motto, badge etc. which is a pretty unique and creative touch to the game. Match day is completely the same in the sense that you are in charge of everything!

Every player within your team is under your control and the computer keys you use remain on the screen throughout the entirety of each match which prevents any complications; the best thing about this game is that you literally have control over everything, it’s your own personal customised game and it’s all very easy to enjoy instantly.

There are so many twist and turns on the pitch that it gives you a headache but this is such a positive unique spin to the game that allows Heroic Sport Football to stand out amongst other soccer games. Let me start by informing you that you can purchase weapons for your players to enhance the chances of winning matches making the game a blend between Crunchball 3000 and Sands of the Coliseum, my star striker is currently playing with an axe in his hand! Finding obscure things in the shop is where I have most of my fun on the game.

That isn’t even the half of the crazy fun that you encounter on a match day, I’ve had players get stuck in oil for the entirety of a game, oh and hard not to mention the team member that was burning in the pit of fire. Having such an occurrence on match day, is a bold addition to the game as it will win you over or turn you away from the game. I personally felt it was a great addition and always kept you intrigued and on your toes; a game that has you permanently curious of the next chapter is a doing a good job.

You start the game with 80 talent points and you divide them amongst the following attributes; speed, tackling, endurance, passing and kicking. You design your player to have the skills you acquire of him; so should you want to play as a David Beckham style player you may choose to give your player 60 talent points in passing and 5 for everything else.

You can also choose whatever hair colour and skin colour you so desire your player to have; so if you want your player to resemble the Incredible Hulk then by all means fill your boots. This is another fine example of how much freedom the game gives you; one of my current playing squad now resembles an Anglo Saxon, simply because I could. The freedom of this game just brings out the giddy, silly little kid in you.

You can also trade players throughout the game, this will occur more after building a bank balance based on success. This is very useful because some of the players you are dealt with at the start of the game are severely lacking in ability. A twist to this though is that some players choose to turn you down if they believe their current club is a better option for them. Believe me it’s happened to me and it’s annoying; however when you land that marque singing that is head and shoulders above the rest of your team and single handily turns draws into wins, it makes the whole dabbling in the transfer market feel extremely worthwhile.

If your preference is off the field activities and you want to earn quick money fast without slowing down procedures by wasting time with playing the soccer matches, you can stimulate the games. After each match you earn a certain amount of money and you can therefore build a decent team without even kicking a ball should you so desire. This is good if you don’t appreciate the challenge of gaining results with average players and would rather speed things up in terms of bringing in quality to your side.

A personal highlight about this game is the interview with a footballer after each match; the game essentially pokes fun at the clichéd and stupid interview answers many soccer players give with some truly hilarious quotes. A favourite of mine is ‘We should have won by more. Take that last shot for example. If it hadn’t missed I would have scored.’

Overall if you enjoy playing soccer games Heroic Sports Soccer has a great blend of all different sectors of the sport and is a game I would recommend to anybody; simply because there are elements to this game that would suit any game playing style. Personally I enjoyed virtually all sides with the options and the unlimited opportunities to mould the game into the perfect soccer game for your personality was a refreshing quality.

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