Free Kick Fusion Online

free kick fusion online

Freekick Fusion is a single or multiplayer free kick game that can be played in your browser. To play the football game you simply click and hold down the left mouse for direction and power.

To curl the ball you move the mouse left/right – this is useful for getting around the wall of players in front of you. Especially as you advance and the angles for scoring prove tighter due to the wall position.

Simply release the left mouse button to shoot and hopefully score!

As you progress through the game the goal keeper you will face will increase in skill and more players will be put in the wall. For example the goal keeper starts off at Sunday league level but increases to Amateur after 2 rounds (we think that a Sunday league level goal keeper is far better than the real thing – for a start off he doesn’t have a pie belly and can get down to his left or right post pretty sharpish!)

As well as being able to curl the ball left and right you can adjust the amount of loop the ball get’s by dragging the mouse down – like wise moving the mouse up will shoot the ball nearer to the ground. Looping enables you to shoot high into the goal and over the wall but is a difficult task to master. You will need to improve your loop ability as you progress as you will find it is the only way to progress past some rounds.

Choosing a direction of where to kick the football isn’t as simple as moving the mouse. The direction sways from side to side so you need to time your first mouse click for your chosen direction.

In order to progress you need to score all three free kicks before the timer runs out which is located on the right hand side of your screen.

Free Kick Fusion can prove quite addictive because scoring free kicks even early on is not that simple. Even with a wall of just two men you still need to strike the ball so it ends up in the corner of the nets with plenty of power in order to get past the ever so keen sunday league goalkeeper!

Many failed attempts increases the urge of ‘just one more go’!

In order so you don’t cheat and spend forever trying to score each free kick there the timer provides a nice feature. You can try as many free kicks as you like within this time but once the timer finishes your game is over if you don’t manage to score three.

The multiplayer mode is the same but with two friends competing – this increases the competitive side of the game and makes for some good office enjoyment when the boss is on his lunch break!

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