Crypto Currency and Football: A Curious Connection

There is much to be said about crypto currency still feeling like an alien concept to many football fans and players alike. For many they have heard of Bitcoin, they probably still consider it some edge of the new world currency or mystical computer ai. But bitcoin is being adopted incredibly quickly, considering it was only created just over 10 years ago. Today we have one of the biggest crypto currency betting platforms – Sports Bet IO sponsoring Watford Football Club. They accept both credit/debit cards plus Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron.

While they made their name with crypto betting they have expanded into fiat too and Watford were more than happy to have their name as the main shirt sponsors.

As reported by football clubs are also flirting with blockchain technology and crypto currency by partnering with blockchain developers such as to create their own tokens for fans to access and use for limited voting on superficial events.

Ultimately it won’t be a single football club that leads to the adoption of crypto currencies throughout leagues, rather it will be one currency that is set on as a preferred choice of payments for all clubs. I cannot see that becoming Bitcoin, it will prove too slow and incapable of handling all those transactions so perhaps a new currency and blockchain will rise.

But if you consider that clubs will want to keep their transactions private and off a public blockchain it could prove to be a privacy coin. Then we are thinking of privacy coins such as Daps or Monero.

Imagine football clubs conducting transfers through a blockchain, that would be a highly effective way to perform international transactions with large amounts of money. Such potential will only fuel more innovation within the blockchain industry for solutions where such large volumes of money can be moved quickly and in a trust-less and private manner.

Perhaps like the Bisq network someone could create a P2P exchange especially for football transfers and deals.

Blockchain could even clear up corruption in the game which is rife in organisations such as FIFA. A public blockchain where certain activities need to be transparent could work with smart contracts where any Tom, Dick or Harry could check the fairness of even the highest up of salaries when it comes to large organisations like FIFA who have the complete licensing and television rights to events like to World Cup generating billions of dollars. Enabling the public to actually see how that money is spent would certainly improve the games reputation when it comes to dodgy dealing.

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