Bagio’s Magical Free Kicks Review

Free Kick Magic or Flop?

This game takes you back to a nostalgic period; a previous generation when games were not trying to overpower you with a hundred different options and a million different buttons. Bagio’s Magical Free Kicks is simply your classic old school game from the early 90’s, which of course is the period where the Italian marvel Roberto Baggio owned the soccer world. If you want to take yourself back to a previous gaming period of your life, this is the game for you; enjoy the memory!

Just as the title indicates, this retro game is completely focused around free kicks. You have a variety of different angles and positions to take your set pieces from and your objection is as you would expect from any soccer game, to find the back of the net with the dead ball situation you have been dealt.

It takes a little bit  time to master your shot on Bagio’s Magical Free Kicks because you do have a few ‘standard’ soccer obstacles to overcome; a defensive line of player, a pretty decent goalkeeper and the strength of the wind as you line up your shot. You choose both the amount of power and bend you want to put on the ball, so it is entirely a skill based game.

The game keeps a record of the amount of goals you score, each time you hit the woodwork and how many trophies you win; you gain a trophy once completing each phase of the game. While the game is very basic, it takes you back to a simpler time where computer games were uncomplicated but still a lot of fun.

Admittedly this game may not keep you entertained for hours on end but a big positive to Bagio’s Magical Free Kicks is its ability to keep you occupied on journeys or between situations; this game is the ultimate gap filler. You can stop and start whenever you choose as the game can be paused with every free kick, I often find when I have a long journey across my home city and I’m stuck in traffic on the bus, Bagio’s Magical Free Kicks fills the void to perfection.

A small minor criticism of the game would be the lack of variety, sure you’re taking free kicks and the levels get harder as you put away more chances, but there is more you could have the option to do with a free kick other than just shoot. A stronger option to cross would be my advice for the next addition, but as I said this is only a minor criticism.

After a handful of goals you gain a ‘Passion Cup’ and move on to the next phase, where the angle is tighter and the wind is stronger. This game is all about the correct technique and goals – the goals look great when you master finishing; each goal is followed be a picture of Roberto Baggio and a caption reading ‘GOAL’ in a slapstick Batman and Robin kind of way.

The biggest positive about this game is its retro feel; Bagio’s Magical Free Kicks is a fantastic way to defeat boredom. Is there a better way to pass a spare twenty minutes than mimicking one of the greatest players of all time and attempting to hit a top class free kick?

Have I played better soccer games? Yes I have. Will that stop me from playing Bagio’s Magical Free Kicks and enjoying every minute of it? No of course it won’t. I think this game is definitely worth anybody’s time and is both simple and challenging; this game gets a decent 6/10 score overall.

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