Pocket League Story Review for Android, iOS

pocket league story

When approaching a football game of any kind, I always find myself somewhat limited by my distinct lack of knowledge of the sport. Ok, so I know the basics, and the offside rule is no mystery to me, but quiz me on anything that requires actual fixture-level knowledge, and I’ll fall apart quicker than Christian Bale on the set of Terminator: Salvation. It speaks volumes about a football-based game, therefore, when it can keep my interest and actually get me involved in the action.


Playing as the manager of your own football team (which you get to name), you are pretty much in charge of every aspect of your team’s training, development and on-field conduct. Beginning with a young, inexperienced team (in all honesty, they are terrible), you are charged with the task of hiring players, training them and ensuring the proper upkeep of their facilities. The ultimate goal is to procure a better team of players by negotiating with them and persuading them to come and play for yours. The game is a broad view on the sport that allows you to enter into its finer particulars in remarkable detail.

Build Me Up

Pocket League Story’s potential to entertain lies primarily in the building and training of your team, which is a process that you are heavily involved in, being required to earn research points through friendly kick-abouts and match play to spend on training which increases your player stats which in turn improves their on-field performance. You can also work on building up a fan base and eventually unlock more content such as better surfaces for your football pitch. There’s a hint of Sim City about the facilities-management side of the experience as well, though this is a minor aspect at most.

Hands On, Hands Off

Though the team management aspect has you involved in the meticulous details, the on-pitch action is a little bit too hands-off for my liking, with matches taking a fair few minutes to complete every time, and the only player input being the choosing of lines and formation and altering tactics at half-time. I definitely expected more from the on-field experience, but football management fans won’t be all that disheartened by this.

Final Whistle

With the on-field action being such a stark contrast in player involvement, it seems like developers https://kairopark.jp/ Pocket League Story has let one of the most important parts of a football game – that is, the actual playing of the game  – goes by the wayside. That said, it still got me playing for a fair few minutes at a time, and I’m someone that often turns my nose up at football games, so this game’s got something, and it on some levels it works spectacularly.

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