Corona Virus and Euro 2020: Why it’s Still Uncertain in 2021

Right now I cannot see Euro 2020 going ahead in 2021 because with it being such a massive event even if all 12 European countries involved in the hosting of the tournament and UEFA decided to unanimously hold the competition in Summer 2021, the matches would encourage people to gather all around the world to watch the games and this would go against all countries policies of social distancing for the time being. The decision of 2021 assumes everything will be fine and dandy by then and doesn’t take into account the forever changed world due to the virus and how slow governments maybe to ease restrictions of large crowd gatherings.

There is also the risk that as countries and governments try to unwind their dubious lock-down measures and ease up on social distancing, a massive event like the Euro’s could propel a feel good factor that compels large gatherings to enjoy and celebrate matches and that in it’s own right would lead to further spreading of the virus when people are still advised to maintain distance with others.

For me further spreading isn’t such a bad idea, I do think governments have taken the wrong approach in social distancing for younger people except Sweden (a lonely voice of sanity) because the virus is inevitable in terms of it’s spread and statistically speaking younger people are far less effected. Though many newspapers are trying to spin that Sweden are beginning to suffer the consequences of a more relaxed approach, they are still no worse off than any country that has done social distancing in the West.

Policing human behaviour to the degree of locking people down is not acceptable in any democratic country over the long term and based on subjective evidence as to it being the best way to tackle a virus. Just because Sweden has offered an alternative approach, you cannot arbitrarily pin any fluctuation or increase in death statistics on that different approach entirely – just check this video out for a sane approach argued by an epidemiologist expert and world health organisation advisor John Giesecke. Statistics on deaths are more complicated and ultimately rely on young people keeping a distance from older people whether they are locked down or not.

What is true is that the economic cost of lock-down on countries will be huge and is not being discussed in the media by those criticising Sweden and so will the debt from money printing to cover for the economic slowdown. The Swede’s won’t suffer as bad! In fact if countries had adopted the Swedish approach the Euros going ahead next year would have been a more realistic goal with herd immunity being well underway by 2021 starts.

But all this hysteria and hypersensitivity around this virus leaves the chance of a major football competition going ahead, even next year highly unlikely because of knee jerk over reactive governments and politicians.

But I think Euro 2021 should go ahead while elderly people remain protected all around the world. The youth should be allowed to attend the tournament and anyone by then who isn’t in hospital has most likely already had the virus anyway and got over it. But governments have gone with a lockdown approach and any virus reports at the competition next year will surely be treated with the same hysteria with those flames fanned by the media. So would Uefa and Europe want to risk having to cancel the tournament half way through due to their governments inept fiddling with lock-down rules? No!

So for me the only logical conclusion here is Euro 2021 will be cancelled too. It’s the same conundrum facing football leagues all around the world this year. Perhaps the biggest victims of this outbreak though is not a tournament that hasn’t even begun but the clear champions of the Premier League – Liverpool who may not even be awarded their first title in 30 years even though they have clearly won the league with a 25 point lead. For most of us that aren’t a Liverpool fan or a player, thank your lucky stars that isn’t you!

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