A Free Football Manager Game for PC

Depth in a Shallow World

Out of all the sports in the world, I would probably class football as one of the most fickle that one can become interested in. Players are hired and dropped at the drop of a hat and even the most loyal of football fans can be massively annoyed with their team one week and in love with them the next.

I equate being a fan of a particular football team with being in a bad relationship where the football fan is most definitely the wife because no matter how badly his football club treats him (losing matches, not hiring the right players, raising season ticket prices from extortionate to unreasonable levels; why Leeds Football Club, why!? ), he constantly says he loves his club anyway, indicating a misplaced devotion and unwillingness to accept the fact that football is a shallow as a puddle on flat ground in the height of summer.

It came as a great surprise to me then that upon satisfying my curiosity about browser-based football management game Goal United, I was met not with the shallow experience I was expecting but a fine tuned management game with serious quantities of content that can keep the most demanding of football manager fans entertained almost indefinitely.

With Great Power..

The central aim in Goal United Legends is simply to achieve financial prosperity by training an elite team of footballers, building them lovely facilities and your fans a wonderful stadium in order to get bums on seats and money in your pocket. The game is free to play (though premium accounts are an option if you wish to unlock certain privileges such as accelerating matches and freeing up time slots for training) and is controlled entirely with your mouse through a series of well-designed and easy-to-navigate menus. Your priority is of course to get your team trained and ready to play in the league, but your responsibilities are more far-reaching than this.

Selecting and training your team are of course your core responsibilities since along with sponsorships (which must be negotiated on a regular basis), they are your main source of income through the winning of matches and general footballing success.

Training your team of course improves their performance and their likelihood of winning matches so setting a training schedule should be your priority. As mentioned before, setting up a sponsor is also a good way to make cash, with the choice between choosing short-term payoff or a bonus-based approach.

On top of your team-level responsibilities, you also have to tend to the stadium, which can be built and upgraded on a real-time basis by clicking on it and purchasing the desired improvements. You must even focus on building transport routes to the stadium, a massage centre for your players’ recovery, and generally keeping fans happy by improving the functionality and look of your stadium and surroundings.


If you factor the game’s well-refined graphics into an equation that already contains some pretty intricate and rewarding game play, then it is no wonder that traviangames.com has a brilliant browser-based football management title on their hands which is so unbelievably popular and also such a joy to play.

Your responsibilities in the game are extremely diverse, from tending to behind-the-scenes dealings to controlling your team’s performance on the pitch, there’s something in this game for fans of all aspects of the sport, so sign yourself up, even if only to see what all the fuss is about.

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